What is a virtual private server and how to use it?


Every year, information systems occupy an increasingly important role in the life of any company. Electronic document management, accounting programs, CRM and ERP systems are those tools that allow a business to 

What is vps hosting


What is vps hosting? VPS is a part of physical server with limited resources and the ability to install its own OS. Depending on the type of virtualization, you may have a strict amount of resources (KVM), or resources may be 

How to use vps


How to use vps server? A virtual VPS server is part of a physical server; it has its own operating system and its own resources. Connecting to a VPS server can be done in several ways, it depends on the type of operating system

What is a VPS server


In the modern world there are a lot of technologies that can help in creating of websites of any complexity. You can create huge online stores, as well as any portals. But there is still one problem that most creators of such


What does VPS stand for


Many people have a question what does vps stand for and when do they need to switch their website to it. A non-profit site with little traffic can work reasonably well on a shared hosting. But as attendance rises, productivity

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