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Meet JustVPS

Founded by software engineers and cloud professionals, JustVPS understands your pain like no one else. Our mission is simple: help you achieve more by securing your online presence with hassle-free hosting. We want to be your all times best web host. We love what we do and it’s the idea that drives us.

We value people more than anything. We are devoted to helping you accomplish great things. We act according to our high standards and honest business practices.

Get used to your website being always up;)

No more overpriced add-ons, questionable attitude, poor judgment, or restrictive server settings. Try not to fall in love!

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What makes JustVPS so different?

We bring value to your business

It's not just about hosting for us. It's about making your life easier for you to concentrate on what matters most.

We take all the hassle out of your hands to help you accomplish great things. We invest our knowledge into creating a better, safer place for your business to reach its full potential.

We help SME’s survive COVID-19

JustVPS is here to help small and medium businesses deal with the economic challenges caused by the devastating impact of COVID-19. We will show you how can you turn challenges into new opportunities. Whether you need a new website, cloud, or other digital solutions, JustVPS can assist.

Life goes on. No matter what happens, we are all in this together.

What happened to big hosting providers?

How come it’s so difficult to find a good web host in today’s overflowed market? People notice the biggest hosting providers being complacent leaving their users with unresponsive and slow websites, not to mention unethical business practices and useless customer support that would rather offer overpriced upgrades than actually try to solve your problem.

Having captured a huge part of the market when it just boomed, they seem to not care so much about their own users, which makes it impossible to provide top services.

JustVPS is here to help you overcome your challenges. We want you to succeed! We care about you and we know that having a website that flies at perfect speed with no downtimes matters much to you. We want your business to have a dream-like head start and will spare no effort to keep your website and visitors safe from cyber attacks.

Thrive with JustVPS!