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JustVPS works hard to provide the selection of services that suit your unique needs

JustVPS works hard to provide the selection of services that suit your unique needs

Our team works hard every day to provide the selection of services that suit your unique needs. Today we offer a variety of web hosting services:

Dedicated Server hosting — we provide a dedicated physical server that only belongs to you. You get full administrative access. You can customize your settings, install any operating system, including non-standard builds, and make changes to the BIOS settings. Use our Dedicated servers for deploying complex projects like corporate portals with back-office functions for employees, cloud services, and high-performance business applications.

When you choose a shared hosting solution, your site will share the server hard- and software other websites. One single physical server can host hundreds of independent sites. Shared hosting is a lot cheaper than a dedicated server. Therefore, it is ideal for beginners, smaller projects, and low-traffic websites like a business profile or portfolio website. Unlike dedicated servers, users of shared hosting cannot customize settings and are limited in flexibility. They cannot add specific libraries, nor can they modify the kernel of the operating system. Server resources are distributed evenly among all shared servers to prevent performance issues. Despite that, performance could be a problem for large projects hosted on a shared server.

For your convenience, we have divided our Shared Hosting offer into a few types:

cPanel Shared Hosting — a fixed priced plan based on cPanel, the world's most popular control panel. If you are used to cPanel and do not want to change the interface, this plan is perfect for you!

Plesk Shared Hosting — a fixed price plan powered by the Plesk control panel. With Plesk, you will enjoy a very flexible and feature-rich hosting experience.

WordPress Shared Hosting — best pick for WordPress enthusiasts, this plan runs on Plesk panel and includes a pre-installed WordPress CMS. You will also gain access to handy tools for creating, managing, and customizing your WordPress sites. You can import your websites from other hosting providers seamlessly.

Using VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) or VPS (Virtual Private Server), you will get a virtual machine that works exactly like a physical one. It will feel as you are using a regular computer, although it is cloud-based. The administrator rights you will get provided with, allow you to perform almost any configuration or customization on your system.

The cost of a VPS is much lower compared to a VDS. That makes a VPS the ideal hosting option for fast-growing projects and applications.

The Virtual Private Server service is very flexible. It enables you to tailor the server according to your needs. However, managing a VPS might feel complicated for beginners, as it requires some system administration skills.

We work hard to make our services as user-friendly as possible. So even users without any system administration experience can use our services. We use high-end solutions to create fair fixed-priced plans with ready-to-use software. Get a powerful server that just works from JustVPS!

Windows VPS — You'll get a pre-installed Windows Server operating system. You can add your favorite apps and features in no time!

cPanel VPS — Get a server with a cPanel control panel installed, just like you know it from shared hosting, but hosted on dedicated server resources.

Plesk VPS — A line of fixed-priced plans for fans of the Plesk control panel. It will allow you to host and configure apps and services using the state-of-the-art Plesk control panel.

WordPress VPS — A line of fixed-priced plans for WordPress enthusiasts. Our WordPress servers are designed for maximum performance. Your WordPress site will load blazingly fast! Also, you will get a well-structured dashboard to manage all your WordPress sites. Our management interface includes tools for quickly deploying a new website or managing mail and backups. No bloat, only what you need!

Expert VPS is a line of fixed-priced plans. This service is perfect for you if you are an experienced server administrator who needs the best and most flexible hosting solution.