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VPS vs Shared Hosting

VPS vs Shared Hosting

Which one should you choose?

Hey guys! We've created this YouTube channel to help you learn more about the world of web hosting. We'll be sharing hosting advice and insights, news and all you need to know about web hosting. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

If you’re just planning on building your first website and have little experience in the field, the whole concept of web hosting can be a bit intimidating. We bet you’ve been busy Googling what it’s all about and still can’t wrap your head around it. Well, JustVPS is here to fix that!

The market is, indeed, overcrowded by dozens of hosting service providers. Plus, there’s a long line-up of hosting packages available. So, which one should you choose, and why will it be the right investment? You could build your website on a VPS, or maybe shared hosting is a better option?

Watch this video to know everything about the various options to get that website of yours up and running!