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Protect yourself from fraud and scammers: Case Study

Protect yourself from fraud and scammers: Case Study

This is a real case that recently happened to our client. In this case study, we will reveal how a fraudster deceived our client, how we helped, and what can you do to protect yourself from scammers.

Hosting payment scam

JustVPS support department received a call. The client asked why their website which had been recently moved to another provider failed.

Our support agent investigated that the client had an empty test hosting account. Their site content was not hosted and their domain was hosted with another company.

The client said that they paid us to transfer the site. During further conversation, it turned out that the client their site was developed by a third-party provider and their freelancer recommended them to transfer their website to JustVPS.

The scammer shared a link for the client to pay for a one-year hosting and site transfer via iPay, a bill pay service for making payments to people and businesses through one's Internet banking account. Once the client had sent payment, the scammer stopped responding to messages.

JustVPS support agent checked that we do not support iPay and that there is no payment in the client's account. Our agent changed the client's account password, advised the client to change their other passwords, and contact the police. Our agent also passed the case information to our support manager.


Despite this incident not being our fault, our reputation might suffer. We also felt sorry for the client who got tricked by a scammer. As such, we offered one-year free hosting to the client and transferred their website to free of charge.

Our support manager contacted iPay and it turned out that you can input anything in the "Name" field and generate a link for payment. In this case, it is impossible to cancel the payment since the client paid the invoice using the generated link. The only way out is to contact law enforcement.

How to protect yourself from scammers

You only need to know how payment works on JustVPS, what payment methods we accept. This will keep you one step ahead of scammers!

JustVPS Payments

All payment related messages come to your mailbox from the address and lead you to your personal account where you can choose the most convenient payment method.

If someone contacts you claiming they are JustVPS employees to share links to third-party payment services, it is a scam. Please contact JustVPS Customer Support immediately.

Payment methods we accept:




AdvCash (cryptocurrency)

JustVPS only accepts payments made through your personal account to prevent fraud such as described above from happening. If someone contacts you on behalf of justVPS, always make sure you are talking to the real JustVPS representative prior to sharing any sensitive information. In case you notice any suspicious activities, please contact us at immediately. Your safety is our priority!